September 2, 2009

The Hip, Happiest Dude :)

This is a heart-felt, heart-warming story of the ageing, shy Italian fruit grower chef-wannabe Karl, who always spots a disparaging smile - living in Sao Paulo; and the gorgeous Brazilian waitress Belle, whom he courts by sending her eccentric letters and, during his recuperation from a car accident, wins her heart through his sincerity and unique passion for life.

The Story Goes Like This…

Where? At a quaint old kitchen and bar at Sao Paulo, April 2009:-

At closing time in a restaurant at downtown Sao Paulo, gorgeous Belle finds an intrinsic-shaped paper clip holding together the folds of a letter written in broken yet laudable English. Signed 'Karl', it begs her to send a short mail to his family’s vineyard in Sherpa Valley. Ignoring the advice of her best mate Cleo, and longing for love, she decides to anonymously reply… (Singing “Somewhere, Someone… out there”). 

Where? At the main street of Sherpa Valley, May 2009:-

At Sherpa Valley, the folks are delighted for Karl when the mail brings along with it a rare beautiful shot of Belle (Karl’s heart skips at his own rendition of “The Hip, Happiest Dude” where his buddy Leo who can only stand in a corner, watching the girls go by. Fearful of losing Belle whom he has not met in flesh, the ageing Karl in return, secretly sends her a photograph of his faithful follower, the handsome young Tony who were to leave the country, and despite objections from his sister Kylie, a bold proposal for marriage. 

Where? At Karl’s vineyard, June 2009:-

As the welcoming party of his townfolks gets under way Karl soon finds out that Tony is staying back for his wedding. Panic-stricken and worried that his dishonesty is discovered, he crashes his vineyard loader truck on his way to meet Belle, who arrives at the valley with the postmaster - from the photograph, she meets Tony and assumes him to be her secret lover Karl. Feeling embarrassed upon discovering her misidentification of Karl, she is prevented from leaving when Karl is carried into the town, close to death by the bad accident. In a confused moment of compassion upon knowing the real Karl and anger against the innocent Tony, Belle agrees to an immediate ceremony but in a conflict of emotions, she falls for Tony's advances who quickly takes advantage in Karl’s absence. 

Where? The vineyard of Sherpa Valley, July 2009:-

One month after, while Tony and Belle stare at each other across the vineyard, their love and passion turn cold and dead, unexplainable... Karl, on the other hand, on his way to recovery but still pretty confined to a wheelchair, flares his temper out on the village doctor, who prescribes the ageing Karl with the loving-kindness of a good-looking, young lady nurse. The doctor quickly instructed Belle into steering Karl's wheels around the small little garden and they start getting to know each other (again) (And they sing along, “Happy To Be Your Acquaintance”). Belle, at the same time, is thrilled by her best mate Cleo's arrival, whom she misses dearly, and she is simultaneously touched by Karl's kindness in arranging for the surprise meeting. Cleo soon finds a soulmate in Leo when they both discover their roots - both come from Rio Grande do Sul (Sao Leopoldo). 

Where? The barn at Karl’s residence, August 2009:-

Soon enough, with sheer grit and determination, Karl is learning to walk again with the help of Belle who grows and learn to love him, but, painfully aware of their age difference, he treats her as an adored young child. Oh… :) When Belle finally gathers enough courage and declares her feelings and longing for love, Karl's broken world suddenly pieces up and completes again (He sings “My Heart Is Made of You”…). He proclaims the good news upon the townfolks again and Belle is swept into a vigorous hip, happiest dance ever. She dances gleefully, at times going faint; while Karl readily convinces the doctor that she is just dizzy, very very dizzy from a sudden sense of excitement - but as he sings of his joy of the beauty of his bride, a disturbed and distraught Belle whispers to Cleo that she is to have a baby! 

Where? At the barn and later… Napa Station, September 2009:-

As the people gather in Karl's barn to celebrate, Cleo has her own problems in getting Leo to declare his intentions. Karl and Belle are finally left alone; she tells him the awful truth and leaves with Cleo. The stunned Karl flies into a rage when he learns that Tony is also going, and, believing they are leaving together, takes his ranch cook’s pistol and limps to the station seeking revenge. Finding Tony gone and Belle waiting desolately for the bus, he relents. With some spirited assistance from Cleo and Leo in resisting Kylie's hysterical pleas to let Belle go, Karl finally persuades her to come home with him and make her his.

P.S. The story may not necessarily represent anyone or any issues in particular, but you may throw in some imagination and make them real! :) 


Who are the characters

Ageing Italian immigrant vineyard owner. Warm, exuberant personality, with an endearing little-boy streak and a strong Italian accent. 

Small-town girl, lonely in her waitress job in the big city. Attractive, but not imposingly sexy, can be resolute and independent yet still vulnerable. 

Karl's foreman; strong outdoor type, animal-handsome. Though young, he's been around. A loner, outwardly friendly but with a selfish, egotistical streak. 

Karl's sister, younger than he but very maternal towards him in a possessive way. Still very old-world Italian, although her accent is less marked than Karl's. 

Rotund, perennially happy young man who works for Karl and loves everyone. Has strong sense of comedy. 

Belle's down-to-earth waitress friend. Has a big heart and a personality to match. Good sense of comedy.

Related "Love Song": 

"In the Arms of the Angel" by Sarah McLachlan

Ending this "Love Story" with this picture (The Twin Rainbows) which has never failed to give me a sense of hope and belonging every time I view it.  
Muchas gracias to all who have been here with me. 
 Thank you Lord for Your grace and mercy too for they strengthen me each new day! :)

February 24, 2009

An Evening Walk @ Tmn Jaya Recreational Park

An evening out to one of the prominent Recreational Parks in Klang Valley, a walk in the park, people-watching, soaking in the beautiful creation of God: nature.

Hey ppl, this is just another avenue to share pics, presentations and docs. A try out for the first time. :)

Have a nice day!

December 8, 2008

Christmas Season Is Here!

It's the year end again, oh how time flies. And the usual questions of what have you achieved in year 2008 and what are your outlook for the new year pop by every now and then. Well, as for now, it's scouting for events and more events to attend. Can't blame it, being a person from PR/Comms background, we tend to lurrve attending events! ;-p Here are some to share with all you out there:


Wish all you faithful readers a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year 2009! I'll be posting more events if I chance on any. Keep visiting for more. =)

November 13, 2008

On Dangerous Grounds!

Amazingly hidden and discreet, I must say. I would put it as unethical and unprofessional! What am I talking about, perhaps some of you may ask? After one month, we got a shock when cans and cans of worms being exposed. There is an insider's spy in the form of a new staff sent to join us for lunch everyday to eavesdrop on what are in discussion over lunch. Bad news is, the details of what we discussed are made known to the "acting" VP, and after sharing our past experiences, we found connections to all the happenings and how certain people act oh... so falsely.

Now, the insider's spy is within us, we have got to be careful of what we share now (though this is our rights and freedom to speak and also to mix around with people). But one good thing is, I am happy to see several of our ex-colleagues who have bailed themselves out earlier doing good in greener pastures out there. And one by one, we vouch to leave this terrible place all of us call "prison".

Hmm, now come to think of it, I think the "management" should read this book titled "The Prison: Policy and Practice" in order to help them manage the "prison" better. LOL!

November 10, 2008

I Yearn to Own Pupps!

My love for little pupps that grow with me in life, loyalty and love. My wish has yet to come true as I am currently living in an apartment where no pets are allowed at all. =( This means that I have to look for a future place to stay in, a landed property with a nice lawn for the pupp as well. There are just so many breeds out there, but I kinda like the Border Collie, Pug, Shih Tzu and many others! So much for an animal lover eh?

I can't resist standing even more than an hour looking at pupps in the windows at petshops in and around Klang Valley. It's like they are calling out loud, "Buy me, buy me..." One day I will, I promise. To all pupp lovers, here are some cute ones to look at. =)

Facebook is Blocked!

My one and only avenue to share happy (and sad) moments is now BLOCKED by the company. It is not because of rules and procedures, but plainly due to politics and jealousy. Ah, so much for a pretty small office with a non-experienced Office Manager who wants to be in control and yet doing them all in the wrong manner. How sad!

Well, there's light to this as I took the opportunity to set up a blogspot. Though I already have a weblog previously with Xanga but I found it to be non-user friendly. So I'm giving this a try. Who knows it will be a blessing unto others who read, share and provide feedbacks.

In short, it's the Little Voices of Love Songs (Stories) to be told. Wait on for more! I need to familiarise and settle down first. Thank you & welcome all to the world of Little Voices & Love Songs.

For my first post, I'm dedicating this song to all you out there: Love Song by Sara Bareilles. Enjoy!